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Once you have updated your website, you’ve updated your blog you have done some networking, it’s a great time to send some of that work to your favorite vendors. I recommend creating some smaller galleries to highlight each vendor and give that to your favorite vendors’ ones you would love to work with again. I […]

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What do I do during my slow season – Part Three

So you read last week’s first part of this three-part series and now you are ready to dive into the next four things you should be doing in your off-season… oh you missed last week no problem hop back to it here and catch up on all the goodies before diving in below. I’ve got […]

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What do I do during my slow season – Part Two

So this one is a doozy but in a good way… LOTS of great info so we are breaking it down into a three-part series over the next 3 weeks!  What do I do during my off-season? How should I be marketing my business and how am I attracting my ideal couples, in this slower […]

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Cleveland Wedding Photographers

What do I do during my slow season – Part One

This post is one of those posts I have always dreamed of writing. However, given that I have always thought about this day doesn’t change the fact that it is still very surreal and crazy to me that the day has actually come. Since I started my photography career there has been a lot of […]

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Getting Personal – My Why

So have you ever wondered how I stay organized? Being a photographer that shoots weddings means there is a lot of information that you have to keep track of. When I first started my photography business back in 2010, I didn’t know much about what all was involved in running and managing a successful photography business. I honestly may […]

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Behind the Business: Pixifi

First did you notice the title of this post… “Behind the Business” This is a new mini-Series I am going to be starting about all things behind the business. from Editing techniques to programs I use, to just a daily glimpse into my life. Who’s Excited!!?? So last month I attended a conference called Creative […]

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Behind the Business: Co-Schedule



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