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April 23, 2015

Behind the Business: Co-Schedule

First did you notice the title of this post… “Behind the Business” This is a new mini-Series I am going to be starting about all things behind the business. from Editing techniques to programs I use, to just a daily glimpse into my life. Who’s Excited!!??

So last month I attended a conference called Creative at the Heart. My full recap about the conference will be on the blog Monday but one of the things that I heard about while I was there was this crazy little thing called Co-Schedule. While I was there Natalie Franke talked about how wonderful this program was and how much it helped her and her business. I have been searching for something that would help me start blogging more consistently while still giving me free time to focus on my shooting. Well Ladies and Gents I think I have finally found that heaven sent program. How did I not know about this sooner? Get ready for some awesome blogging to be starting. Now onto my 5 favorite things I love about Co-Schedule and why you should be using it if you are a blogger or creative!

My top 5 favorite things about Co-Schedule:

1. The multi platform scheduling ability – Co-Schedule allows me to sync all my social media accounts (Facebook personal and business pages, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn), so that my blog post can automatically post to each one at the times and days I specify.


2. Ease of Use – There is a beautiful calendar that is built directly into my WordPress site. It is so visual and it allows me to see everything all in one place. I can also color code all of my posts and create tasks. There is also a plugin directly at the bottom of each new blog post that allows me to schedule that post into the future for re-posting opportunities. Mindless posting! AHHH


3. Re-post previous blog posts – This gives me the ability to schedule a post from last month last year to repost on my social media accounts to gain additional traffic and reader loyalty. (this comes in handy when I am having a brain-fart on what to post for that day!)

CoSchedule - Scheduled Posts

4. Customer Service – I am a big believer in companies that have exceptional customer service and Co-Schedule is just that! They have an amazing customer service team that by far goes above and beyond. Keep rocking it out guys!

5. Free-Trial – They allow you to use the full program free for 2 full weeks. That is 14 days. Now going back on customer service… if you are like me a slacked a bit during your trial they are kind enough to extend it a few days (6 in my case) just because they believe everyone should have a chance to work with the program.

There is only one thing that I would say is a downside and its not really a downside… the only social media account it currently does not support is Instagram. But I am sure one day it will but if you think about it what is Instagram’s sole purpose and goal…  INSTANT.. AKA what are you doing at this exact moment in time. So I get it they don’t want you to pre-plan what you are doing on Thursday at 2pm.

So if you are a Blogger, Photographer, or just overall creative what are you waiting for! This is a game changer and life saver! Remember #5! Well here is your chance to see what this program can do for you and your business! I promise you wont regret it! Get your free Trial here

Want a quick overview to CoSchedule?


  1. Thanks for writing this awesome review of CoSchedule! We appreciate it!

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