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MYself AND my associate Dale ARE THE HEARTS BEHIND Sarah Renee Studios.

Together, we capture one-of-a-kind love stories in a one-of-a-kind way. Through engagement photography and wedding photography, our goal is to capture adventurous hearts in a meaningful, lasting ways.

So, hey! I'm Sarah.

Cleveland Wedding Photographer | Tony & AriAnn Wedding

Where to even begin with this wedding. I guess I will start from the beginning. My mom has been best friends with Tony’s mom Roberta for a long time. Since Tony and I were kids probably about 10 or 11. So needless to say I have known Tony awhile. About a week before my big bridal show I do every January Roberta let me in on a little secret, Tony and AriAnn were going to get married and it was going to be in May! That’s not alot of time to plan but they wanted to make sure I still had the day open. Then when I found out why they were doing it so quickly I knew I needed to make sure that day would be theirs! Both Tony and AriAnn are in the Army as is AriAnn’s dad and she had recently found out in June he would be getting deployed with an uncertain time frame of how long. So because of this she wanted to make sure that he would be there to walk his little girl down the isle before shipping out. The week of the wedding we had monsoon like rains and even a small, very small tornado touch down. I was just praying that the forecast would change for Friday and we would get good weather if just for a little bit! This was a super important day for two very special people and I prayed it would be perfect for them. When Friday rolled around the ground was still saturated with water and a small “pond” had formed in the back of their ceremony site so everything had to be moved indoors. Luckily though the sun came out and the rain held off. Almost the whole day! We also got even more lucky when I found there was a small concrete walkway in the grass where we could get “outdoor” photos without having to be in the muddy water saturated grass. All in all the day was a win in my book! I had the most amazing couple and got some gorgeous shots! The one thing I absolutely loved seeing was their love for each other! You could tell that they were 100% in love with each other and that no matter what the weather was or anything else that it was going to be perfect because this was the day they were marrying the love of their life!

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- denise and jared

Sarah is hands down the best! Our engagement pictures turned out breathtaking, and our wedding pictures did not disappoint either! Sarah was super responsive, attentive, and easy to work with! Sarah is so easy to trust. She knows her sh!t and is extremely talented! I never doubted anything she has done, said, or recommended. Dale was also at our wedding and between the two of them, our bridal party had the time of their lives!


- Ashley and jake

She photographed our Colorado wedding and all I can say is AMAZING. She captured our day perfectly and has provided us memories that will last a lifetime. She made our day stress free and helped me to feel calm and collected. She was so easy to work with, she was personable, fun, and really made the day an exciting one. You can tell she is experienced by her efficiency and the direction she gives when taking the pictures. The photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!

"She made the day Stress-Free"

- Angela and Jon

Sarah took the photos for our Key Largo wedding. She was scheduled to do our wedding in Cleveland but when Covid hit we had to make other plans. She worked with us to ensure we had the wedding of our dreams on the beach in the keys. Our photos turned out gorgeous even with the Florida heat of July. She made the day fun and memorable.

"Fun and Memorable"

Big Reputation