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August 10, 2014

The Workshop Experience – Katelyn James

So as many of you know in April I got married but in April I also had the honor of attending a workshop by a Wedding photographer that I am absolutely in love with, the one and only Katelyn James! From the first time I saw her blog I knew I had to take her workshop. For over a year I watched as she posted on her blog, followed her Facebook waiting for her to announce her workshops. I was hoping that I would be able to take one. Last year I didn’t have the funding but this year it was my goal and I had been saving just for that moment. At first I thought my moment was missed and I was going to have to wait! I realized I missed the announcement because I was busy planning my wedding I was devastated to know the seats were all filled. Total bummer!

Now fast forward a few months to March. It was a Thursday, I was up late planning the last details of the wedding and my phone goes off indicating I had received an email. Normally I don’t check these right away if I am in the middle of something but this time I looked right away. The email was the Katelyn James newsletter. I decided I’d had enough planning for that night so I decided I wanted to read through it. I plopped myself down on the bed and started to read the newsletter half way through, I let out the most excited giggle! To my surprise 2 seats had opened up to the Workshop I so desperately wanted to attend! I looked at the dates and it fell a week after we would be back from our honeymoon. Only 7 days after being married. Now normally I would consult with my Husband, fiance at the time and discuss about me leaving and driving 8.5 hours by myself for 2 days right after saying our “I do’s” but this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss! I mean for sure he would understand, he knew just how much I had been wanting to go and how B-I-G this was to me! Oh yea and minor detail I left out he was at work that night and wouldn’t be getting home until midnight! I couldn’t wait! I sat there and thought about it for a few moments and knew I had to do it. SO at 10:18 that evening I officially BOOKED my seat!! I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself. Now to tell the soon to be hubby when he got home. Luckily I have a pretty cool hubs in that he just said aww 2 days, that’s okay I know how important this is and what it means for you and your business and for us in the future. Aww he’s so sweet!

So now fast forward to the workshop itself. I got into Richmond Virginia about 9pm at night on Sunday. The workshop was scheduled for Monday and Tuesday at Katelyn and her husband Michael’s house! Luckily the drive wore me out or I would have been up all night. Monday morning I was again like a school girl all excited but now nervous! Today was the day… I was going to meet Katelyn and it was going to be at her house! EEEKKK!! (insert school girl screech) I got there around 8:30am and Michael promptly greeted me at the door and welcomed me into their home. They had beverages and adorable goody bags, each bag with a cute name tag. There were 11 other ladies there that looked equally as nervous and excited! Once everyone was there we all went around and did intros, said where we were from and why we were there.

Day one was intense but in a good way. We did the styled shoot which is in the next post. We also learned all about shooting and lighting and everything involved in making good images. There was so much material but man Katelyn really has a great approach and strategy, she did awesome! Day one was long we were there until about 10pm but every single minute was worth it! I would have stayed until 2am if they would have let me. Lol

Day two was bright and early again at 8:30am. Grabbed a quick breakfast and out the door I went. This time it was all business. Now if know me you know I love the business side of photography so this was perfect for me. Let me just say, Katelyn is not only a great and amazing photographer check it out here, but she also is an extraordinarily smart business woman! She really knows what she is talking about when it comes to growing and expanding your photography business. Really any business, for that matter. I learned a lot of valuable pieces to the business puzzle I was missing before and I am eternally grateful. On day two Katelyn also did head shots for all the girls. Which is the shot you probably see on most of my business stuff. Its a great shot just wished I would have worn a little bolder of a color. I blend in with the backdrop. Oh well! I still have a photo by Katelyn James and it rocks!

The end of the night came closer and Katelyn went one by one over our websites and gave us advice… why do I say that here… well if it wasn’t for her my name and branding would not have changed. She is the one that suggested the name change and a more romantic look to my branding! Thank you Katelyn Sarah Renee Studios would not be what it is with out you and your amazing teaching and advice! Some of the images are from another lovely and wonderful lady that attended, Katie Jackson. I was apparently to star struck and excited to think about getting detail shots! Duh! Check out Katie’s blog post with all the goodies and behind the scenes photos.

Katies Images:


okay now on to mine… don’t judge I shot them with the point and shoot. This was day 2 and since there was no shoot I didn’t think of bringing my camera in. 🙁


I learned so much through out the two days being there it was one of the most valuable experiences I have had. I made so many wonderful friends that I still talk with to this day. I am hoping to make my way back out to Virginia someday soon and work with a few of those lovely ladies! I was sad to say good-bye.


The group!!

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Headshots by Katelyn: Which one do you like?

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