December 18, 2019

Mallory and Geoffrey – Herrington Manor

In August I had the opportunity to head to Maryland for this amazing wedding elopement for Mallory and Geoffrey. The Herrington Manor in Deep Creek, Maryland. The sprawling Estate was perfect for this couple to elope at. It was right on a gorgeous lake with views of the countryside. Seriously, the location was so secluded I couldn’t even get a good cell signal, which was fine by me. Mallory opted for a simple and elegant light dusty blue bridal gown while Geoffrey wore a dapper black fitted tux complete with a bowtie. They had an amazing white and green floral dressed tablescape set up in the middle of the estate’s yard, hand-lettered and stamped vow book and all the gorgeous details you could imagine! This color palette was all things dreams are made of. Everything was so care-free and relaxed. There was just the right amount of fun and romance.

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