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Once you have updated your website, you’ve updated your blog you have done some networking, it’s a great time to send some of that work to your favorite vendors. I recommend creating some smaller galleries to highlight each vendor and give that to your favorite vendors’ ones you would love to work with again. I […]

So today I’ve been pretty quiet on social media I took today to basically unplug myself from all of the different social media platforms because my little bitty turned 2 years old today I feel like in the last year she has changed and grown and learned so many different things and really stepped into […]

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So you read last week’s first part of this three-part series and now you are ready to dive into the next four things you should be doing in your off-season… oh you missed last week no problem hop back to it here and catch up on all the goodies before diving in below. I’ve got […]

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First Looks – Why they are so amazing!

First Look – Some of you may ask what is that? Others may have thought about it but said No way that’s too nontraditional and my parents would totally have a fit if I did one. I’m here to say they may seem nontraditional in your parent’s eyes but it may be that they are just uninformed about what exactly a first look is and what benefits it has for you the couple and the wedding day. First to explain exactly what a first look is – it essentially is a time before the wedding when the bride and groom get to see each other in a private location and spend some alone time together before everything starts. Now to get into the reasons why a first look is a great idea

Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Alone Time

1. It gives you alone time with each other before everything gets crazy. Think about it… from the time you start doing your hair, makeup, and all things pretty you have people around all over the place. Same thing with the guys you may not have as many people running around as the girls do but most of the time the groomsmen are arriving, changing making sure their “do” is just right and it can get a bit hectic. Having time alone in a private location can be great. You get to see each other, calm your pre-wedding nerves and just spend one-on-one time. This is the only time you will be alone the entire wedding day. Cherish it!Chagrin Falls First Look

He sees you first

2. He gets to be the first one to see you! When you are at the end of the aisle waiting to walk down and your groom looks down he is looking with the 250 other people. It’s not as special because he is seeing you at the same time everyone else is. He also may be distracted if guests get up or lean over snapping away with their cameras and I-Pads. You as the bride may also not be able to truly savor the moment of seeing your soon-to-be husband for the first time because of the guest distraction and because you are so emotional you can’t see past the teary eyes. Also, you have the man walking you down the aisle to focus on – dear dad.

Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Less Stress

3. It solves most wedding timeline issues. Do you have a ceremony late in the day? This will cause a time crunch during photo time after the ceremony because you may have limited time when the sun is still out. Doing a first look before the ceremony allows for plenty of time for the most important photos of the day… your bridal portraits. Bridal portraits can take 30-45 minutes. If you do a first look after a few moments of alone time you can start portraits. Most couples don’t add in enough time for portraits of themselves during the wedding day and then get disappointed when they look back because they have a small selection of images to chose from because they didn’t a lot enough time for these. This also allows you to knock out bridal party photos and even some family photos if you wanted to.

First Look Estes Park

Removes the Gap

4. Removing the Gap! – Removing the gap simply means that you can enjoy your guests and your guests can enjoy you when they should… right after you are married. When you think about it doesn’t it seem silly to make your guest wait around for 1 to 4 hours while you are off taking photos?  Being married is a time to celebrate and to spend time with those that came to celebrate your marriage. Most guests don’t care to sit around for a few hours. They have to find something to do or if they are out-of-town guests even worse they have to figure out where they can go.

Happier Bridal Party

5. You make the Bridal Party much happier – Unfortunately even the best bridal party members can only handle so many photos and so much time dedicated to the process of taking photos. If you do a first look it gives you the opportunity to allow your bridal party to hang out until you are done with your portraits. Once you are done a couple of quick photos with them and then they can relax again until ceremony time. This way they don’t have to endure the ceremony, then family photos, then bridal party photos then wait on you to do your bridal portraits then rush to the reception. This can be very exhausting for not only them but for you as well.

Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Killer Photos

6. You get some awesome photos out of it. To be able to capture the initial emotion of both you and your groom is just undoubtedly my favorite part of the first look.


If you haven’t thought about a first look, it’s definitely something to consider. Even if you have plenty of time and are not going to run out of available light the first two reasons alone are worth it.


First Look – Some of you may ask what is that? Others may have thought about it but said No way that’s too nontraditional and my parents would totally have a fit if I did one. I’m here to say they may seem nontraditional in your parent’s eyes but it may be that they are […]

First Looks – Why they are so amazing!

Ashley and Jacob

Sarah recently shot our Colorado wedding and all I can say is AMAZING. She captured our day perfectly and has provided us memories that will last a lifetime. Sarah really helped make our day stress free and also helped me to feel calm and collected anytime I started to worry about something. She was so easy to work with, she was personable, fun, and really made the day an exciting one. You can tell she is experienced by her efficiency and the direction she gives when taking the pictures. The photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!

"Sarah really helped make our day stress free"

Denise and Jared

Sarah is hands down the best! Our engagement pictures turned out breathtaking, and our wedding pictures will not disappoint either! Sarah was super responsive, attentive, and easy to work with! Sarah is so easy to trust. She knows her sh!t and is extremely talented! I never doubted anything she has done, said, or recommended. Dale was also at our wedding and between the two of them, our bridal party had the time of their lives! Thank you for making our day the best day!

"Our wedding photos turned out breathtaking"

Angela and Jon

"Sarah took the photos for our Key Largo wedding. She was scheduled to do our wedding in Cleveland but when Covid hit we had to make other plans. She worked with us to ensure we had the wedding of our dreams on the beach in the keys. Our photos turned out gorgeous even with the Florida heat of July. She made the day fun and memorable"

"Our photos were absolutely stunning."

Erin and Tyler

"Sarah was able to beautifully capture not one but two wedding days for us due to the pandemic. With each one we were continually impressed by her incredible talent. The photos were absolutely increditble and we will cherish them forever. They far exceeded anything we could have imagined."

"Sarah was so easy to work and so much fun"

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