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October 18, 2016

Downtown Cleveland – Scranton

Aliya is my niece. She is turning 5 on November 1 and each year we always do photos. This was the first year she was actually excited to do photos with me. Since we always do something with Pumpkins and fall because of when her birthday falls my sister wanted to do something a bit different and go with a more urban feel. She had this bridge in mind that she used to drive by all the time on her way to work and it was definitely an awesome location. I may have to head back here again for some more portraits. It’s down in the industrial area of Cleveland and not an area people really know of unless you’ve driven that way before but it had awesome wildflower field and a cool bridge, as well as an awesome view of downtown and the stadium. Aliya was a natural when it came to photos. I joked that I needed to bring her to my other sessions so she can show my client’s how to do the knee bend and lean. She perfected it! She is getting so big, it’s crazy that in only a few weeks this little bitty will be 5!! Where has the time gone??!

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