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MYself AND my associate Dale ARE THE HEARTS BEHIND Sarah Renee Studios.

Together, we capture one-of-a-kind love stories in a one-of-a-kind way. Through engagement photography and wedding photography, our goal is to capture adventurous hearts in a meaningful, lasting ways.

So, hey! I'm Sarah.

The Barn at the Meadows

Where do I even start… I have known Mariah and her family for a very long time. My mom and Mariah’s mom have been friends ever since our family started attending the church that they attended when I was 11. Tina is a hair stylist and I have had her do my hair since I was in middle school. I also must make mention that I am forever grateful for all the support Tina, Mark, Mariah and Brittany have shown me over the years with my photography. Tina has been one of my biggest fans and has proudly told anyone and everyone that she knows or that comes into her shop about the amazing photographer she knows. My business truly would not be what it is today without their support. I have done so many photos for Tina, her family and their friends.

It all started when I did Mariah’s Senior Photos all the way back in 2010, from there I had the pleasure of doing photos for about 10 of her friends through out the years. There were about 8 of them at the wedding. Seriously, talk about getting to see all your clients I totally in hindsight should have grabbed an image of all of us together but I didn’t.

I got to meet Brandon for the first time when I shot their engagement session and I can tell you I can see why Mariah feel head over heels for him. He is truly a fantastic man. He was kind, gentle, sincere and couldn’t stop smiling when he was with her. Brandon is the EMS Lieutenant for Chatham fire department and a Paramedic in Brunswick. He is dedicated and hard-working. I know he will make an amazing husband and one day father. Mariah and Brandon’s wedding was held at The Barn at the Meadows in Orrville, Ohio.

The wedding was filled with so many gorgeous details from hand-made signs, to old doors, windows, ribbons and amazing country florals. It was a blend of rustic with a whole lot of elegance. They got married on the lawn and did a sand ceremony followed by a prayer with their families before being announced as Husband and Wife… the day couldn’t have been more gorgeous from the vows to the weather. It was filled with such joy and love through out the whole day.

I can not wait to see the journey that these two amazing individuals have ahead of them. I can see the many wonderful blessings God will have in store for you two.

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- denise and jared

Sarah is hands down the best! Our engagement pictures turned out breathtaking, and our wedding pictures did not disappoint either! Sarah was super responsive, attentive, and easy to work with! Sarah is so easy to trust. She knows her sh!t and is extremely talented! I never doubted anything she has done, said, or recommended. Dale was also at our wedding and between the two of them, our bridal party had the time of their lives!


- Ashley and jake

She photographed our Colorado wedding and all I can say is AMAZING. She captured our day perfectly and has provided us memories that will last a lifetime. She made our day stress free and helped me to feel calm and collected. She was so easy to work with, she was personable, fun, and really made the day an exciting one. You can tell she is experienced by her efficiency and the direction she gives when taking the pictures. The photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!

"She made the day Stress-Free"

- Angela and Jon

Sarah took the photos for our Key Largo wedding. She was scheduled to do our wedding in Cleveland but when Covid hit we had to make other plans. She worked with us to ensure we had the wedding of our dreams on the beach in the keys. Our photos turned out gorgeous even with the Florida heat of July. She made the day fun and memorable.

"Fun and Memorable"

Big Reputation