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I flew into Boston on Sunday morning, the day of Stefanie and Evan’s wedding. They had told me about their plans to have a brunch wedding and I was immediately excited. Who doesn’t love a good brunch wedding? I had been to Boston several times before so I was pretty familiar with the airport and […]

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Aliya is my niece. She is turning 5 on November 1 and each year we always do photos. This was the first year she was actually excited to do photos with me. Since we always do something with Pumpkins and fall because of when her birthday falls my sister wanted to do something a bit […]

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It all started in High School… Kelcie and Ryan started dating when they were Sophomores. When I met with Kelcie and Ryan they told me how much they were always joking about how they were the living story of a true 5-year engagement. The weather for their big day couldn’t have been more gorgeous. When […]

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This post is one of those posts I have always dreamed of writing. However, given that I have always thought about this day doesn’t change the fact that it is still very surreal and crazy to me that the day has actually come. Since I started my photography career there has been a lot of […]

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Where do I even start… I have known Mariah and her family for a very long time. My mom and Mariah’s mom have been friends ever since our family started attending the church that they attended when I was 11. Tina is a hair stylist and I have had her do my hair since I […]

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It felt just like yesterday, when we were just two childhood friends getting together, spending our days with out a worry in the world… we met in fourth grade and were inseparable. Days were spent playing in the pool, jumping on pogo sticks, having constant sleep overs at each others house even though we only live […]

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