On April 10, 2014, I was blessed and I got to be in my client's shoes and get married to one of the most amazing men I have ever met, with the exception of my father. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day. When we started planning the wedding we both decided that we wanted to get married at one of our favorite places... the place he proposed at. That little place was in the Florida Keys!

I remember planning all the details but my main focus making sure the ceremony wasn't just about the dress, shoes or flowers but that it was focused on us and our love. I wanted our photos to reflect our love. 

Every since I was a little girl I have always wanted my Dad to be the one to marry me. It was so important to me to have one of the strongest men in my life not only giving me away but being the one to do the ceremony of our love. My Dad made jokes throughout the ceremony so he could hold back the tears that his baby girl was getting married.

My photographer, who was a good friend, captured the laughter, the tears and the joy of the day in such a way I knew I wanted the exact same memories for my couples. The day will fade but the memories last forever. I look back at our wedding album over and the feeling of the day comes flooding back and its one of the greatest gifts I have.

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I'm a total coffee addict, Netflix binger, wine enthusiast, wife, a mother to a beautiful baby girl Kaidence, two adorable furbabies Moo the Kitty, Bailey the pup and I'm a complete Harry Potter nerd... and I am a true Hufflepuff through and through. I'm a bit of a goof and just love to laugh and I may have a slight obsession with weddings. I mean how many people get to work with truly happy people all the time? I mean like 100% of the time! Seriously... there is no better job in the world than capturing memories and moments that will live on for generations to come. Memories fade but photos last a lifetime and I'm still in awe everyday I get to capture those moments. 

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Nothing better than a quote from the good ol Dr. Dre! However, I do have to say that he really was on to something. I am a total sucker for some 90's rap and 90's boy band music. It's like the epitome of my growing up years. I was born in the late 80's so I guess you could say I am a 90's kid! Also, there isn't a day that I won't have a coffee. I am a Dunkin girl through and through... I LOVE traveling to Boston not just because it is an awesome city but there is a Dunkin Donuts on practically every corner. I love Boston Creme Donuts, pizza (with pineapples, seriously they are the best) and pretty much any type of Mexican food. Tacos are life am I right!?

I love traveling and have a bit of a addiction to warm weather and sunny beaches. However I hate wearing bathing suits. Go figure! and like all basic girls I love wandering the aisle at Target..

- Doctor Dre

You just have to find that thing that's special about you that distinguishes you from all the others, and through true talent, hard work, and passion, anything can happen.


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This passion of mine began in October of 2010 after 3 years being an exclusive second photographer for another Cleveland wedding photographer. However, if you were a fan or around when my journey first started you will remember I didn't start off as Sarah Renee Studios... I actually named my business Creative Expressions Photo. But upon attending a fantastic photographers workshop in April of 2014, I was challenged to do some serious reflecting on my business and decided it was time for a name change. Thus, Sarah Renee Studios was born... and yes that really is my middle name. I have been photographing couples in LOVE for over 8 years now and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. 


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