Coe Lake Engagement Session – Berea

It was a gorgeous fall day, leaves had just started changing to all the beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. The Cleveland Indians were two days away from Game One of the world series against the Chicago Cubs. A day my 11-year-old self couldn’t be more excited for this moment. We hadn’t been to the world series since that 97 season when we had the dream team when Mike Hargrove was the manager, Omar Vizquel, Manny Ramirez, David Justice, Sandy Alomar, Jr and so many other greats were playing. Unfortunately, we didn’t win it that season but this year felt different. WE were going all the way. Andrew and Emily told me all about how they were huge sports fans. How exciting was this year going to be?

We started off things at Coe Lake in Berea and it couldn’t have been more perfect. When we started I asked Emily and Andrew how they were in front of the camera. They responded with, “Awkward”! I laughed, and let them know they weren’t alone. Every couple always feels weird at first in front of the camera, but let me tell you they were totally wrong! They weren’t awkward in the least… why you might wonder? Because when you are that in Love you are never awkward! I told them to just do what came naturally to them, think about things they do without someone instructing them on how to interact and how to love each other. I helped them a bit at the beginning but I think from these images you can see that there is no way I could tell a couple to pose like this. These are those authentic moments that I truly love! These are the moments that inspire me and make me love what I do. Capturing a couple’s love, authentically and organically.

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