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Fall Orange leaf ring

So from a photographers perspective I always have brides asking me what they should wear for their fall sessions. Here are 3 quick tips on how to plan your outfits for your fall engagement session.

Choosing the colors for your session is one of the first things to consider. Fall always looks best with darker jewel tones, bold merlots, or more casual neutrals. That is because they really pop when you put them against the bright yellow and oranges you see in fall in the north! Also its good to stick to a color scheme rather than trying to match each other. Have you ever seen those family photos when everyone is in jeans and a white t-shirt.. or everyone is wearing the same color. Awkward… Right? Well, we don’t want awkward photos we want you to have AMAZING photos.  Your photos will stand out much more if they match without really matching. If you wear a burgundy top with gold accents, then your fiancé can wear a tan or cream shirt.

Fall Outfit colors

Color Palette Image Courtesy of Katelyn James Photography

Choosing items that have layers so you have options. Think something like a neutral shirt, bold color cardigan, belt to cinch around the waste, scarf and some cute dangle earrings, and a pair of awesome boots! You can easily take the scarf and belt off for a more relaxed casual look, without having to make a full outfit change. Trust me having a variety of outfits will make your session look a lot more composed.

Beauty Routine:
Lastly the part that most people forget… make sure you start a beauty routine if you haven’t already at least 2-3 weeks before your scheduled session. Fall can dry your skin out and nails can begin to crack and chip with the new crisp weather! Make sure you are properly moisturizing both your face, neck and hands. Also I can’t stress enough making a hair and nail appointment prior to your session. Treat yourself like a princess the day of. Having a professional do your hair and makeup can be an important factor in having that extra WOW factor in your photos. Always make sure you do your makeup a little heavier/dramatic than you normally would. You make think it looks heavy or like to much but trust me once you get into the natural light it will even out. Makeup shows differently indoors than it does outdoors. Also, make sure you get a manicure. There will be photos of your hands and possible fingers. If you don’t have a fresh manicure you could have chipped nails and dry hands to stare at in your photos. So ladies.. just do it! French Manicures are great if you want to go for a more classic look, but don’t be afraid of a more bold look. Also, for the Grooms… having nice nails is important for you too. You may not need to get a manicure but make sure your nails are trimmed and your not out there working on the car and hour before the session. Also make sure you schedule your haircuts at least a week before the session for ladies so it has enough time to style and guys 1-2 days before. On a final note guys make sure you plan your beard or stubble trims according to how you want it to look for the session. If you are going for stubble you may want to trim the day before if you want clean shaven go for the day of.

Chagrin Falls EngagementEngagement Outfit Ideas

Follow those quick tips and your fall engagement session should rock! Download the fall style guide here


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